The brand MARSAR is an acronym of the founders’ names, Sarkawi Lim and Mariyana. With over 30 years of experience in business, Marsar Group has expanded its business into 4 industries, namely, palm oil plantation, logistic, hospitality and real estate development. While the businesses operate independently, they are united by our core values and history.

Marsar is one of the leading local property developer in Pekanbaru with the most diversified real estate portfolio. We have built hundreds of homes shophouses all around the city, dozens of hotels across the island of Sumatera and Jawa as well as the first and largest shopping complex in Pekanbaru Panam area.

Over the years, Marsar continues to build a good reputation, obtaining the trust of our customers, government bodies, suppliers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Our motto, “Mari Besar Bersama” expresses the aspiration of our founders to embrace our stakeholders, grow together and hopefully contributes to the economic advancement of our nation.


In the city of Pekanbaru, we started the  property business activities  that we have been in for almost 30 years, and we have built many various properties to meet the needs of the people of Pekanbaru city and its surroundings.

Starting from building a residential property which is one of the three important things in our lives after food and clothing, we then move on to build a variety of properties, including shops, modern shopping centers, city tourism areas, and hotels.

In line with our mission to participate in building and developing the city of Pekanbaru which has a high return on investment value and improves the economy of the people of Pekanbaru city. So then presenting Pekanbaru as a tourist destination, investment and shopping activities.

The properties that we build synergize and integrate with the spatial planning of the city of Pekanbaru and are adjusted to the development and growth of market needs.

We always continue to innovate to change the face of the city of Pekanbaru so that it deserves to be aligned with big cities in developed countries.


Portfolio diversification and good corporate governance are very important to us, especially in challenging times both in terms of type and target market. So makes our business is always sustainable, growing in line with the times. Currently the company has achieved expansion to the islands of Java and Bali. In the future, we have prepared to present an integrated area in the center of Pekanbaru which provides various tourism and business needs in one area.

We certainly could not have achieved all of our achievements so far without good support from various parties, especially the support from the Pekanbaru city government, investors, business partners and tenants who are always present in every property we build. We also thank to all our employees who have been maintaining productivity and continuing to innovate, maintaining health and safety together. It has been proven that as long as we are willing to work seriously and put in the effort, the effort will never betray the results.

As a part of our appreciation, of course, the Company is committed to continuing to develop the potential of our employees, so that we can continue to grow together to fill time in a positive way, diverting negative things by continuing to innovate for our mutual progress.




To become a leading developer that offers environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and valuable long-term investment properties.


1. Maintaining and significantly improving productive and efficient corporate governance in order to maintain the company’s sustainable growth as an accountability to shareholders.

2. Maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with business partners for sustainable business continuity.

3. Motivate and develop the professional potential of employees to play an active role in supporting the progress of the company.

4. Develop classy properties with value-added design arrangements by creating harmonization between nature and security.

5. Maximizing the value of better property returns and the potential for increased and sustainable residential investment.



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